Do you need assistance to start, grow or scale your private practice?

We specialise in private practice management for healthcare practitioners and have customised products and solutions designed to assist them in their private practices.

57% of practitioners would welcome assistance to increase their referrals and reduce their time in their private practice whilst keeping the same (or more) income from the practice.

We understand this completely. Life changes and there are new additions in terms of marriage or children or just life in general, and running a full-time private practice becomes much more difficult.

We created The Forge to have products that are geared towards helping healthcare practitioners to manage, grow and scale their private practices. 

The Forge Private Practice Plan

You won't build a house without getting a plan or quote from a builder first. Why do most healthcare practitioners think that they can have a successful private practice without getting a design done first?

Let us help you put a plan in place for your private practice - irrespective of whether you're thinking of starting a private practice, starting a private practice, growing a private practice or just need assistance to find more time for yourself and your loved ones.

The Forge Journey

Running a private practice is effectively running a business and there's so many moving parts. 

The Forge Journey covers all the key parts of your private practice management - getting your invoicing done, following up on payments, submitting your SARS returns, compiling your annual financial statements, creating and maintaining your website, following up with medical aids on payment, getting all overdue invoices paid, etc. It also comes with your own copy of our practice management software, so that you can just create your appointments on your calendar. We handle everything else for you. 

The Forge Private Practice Blueprint

A clear plan giving you a proven approach to build a successful private practice.

You will learn the following key lessons in the book:
1. Outsider observations to why most healthcare practitioners don't have successful private practices
2. Establishing your very own private practice blueprint
3. Why do your clients see you?
4. Do you know how you get your referrals?
5. Know your numbers for a successful private practice
6. Spend your time wisely
7. Valuable resources for moving your private practice forward

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